Alex Blackburn

I have been married to my lovely wife, Katie for six years. We have three beautiful children: Harper (4), Cannon (3), and Jordi (21 mo), and we have been attending Redemption Spokane since October of 2015.

Why have I said "yes" to entering into the eldership candidacy process? Well, after a year of thoughtful and prayerful discernment, both in private and in community, my wife and I believe this is what God has placed before me by way of serving the Lord and his people who call Redemption Spokane home. 

My confidence in taking this step did not arrive instantly, but rather painstakingly over the past year and a half. A number of things:  (1) our transition to a church that truly taught God's word, (2) the painful diagnosis of Autism for our two-year-old and the reality of special needs parenting, (3) the undeniable hunger for Jesus and His word, (4) a true desire for the work of biblical overseer and the character qualifications necessary of the work, and (5) a request from our pastor to prayerfully consider this role.  Each of these steps have all been threads weaving together a picture both of my great need for the Holy Spirit, and of how God is humbling, equipping, and enabling me to serve.

Katie and I knew with confidence we were being called to invest and grow at Redemption, but the way God showed us that was through the humbling of our obvious limitations, not our strengths. We never imagined we would have the opportunity to serve our beloved church family in this way, yet we gratefully are anxious to do just that.

Prayer request

Through this process we ask for your prayers in regards to our marriage and the parenting of our three littles. Please pray that we would faithfully do what needs to be done in our home and all our work so that God would be glorified. We long to see him do what only He can.