Bret Andrews

I was born and raised in Coeur d’ Alene and after college moved to Seattle where I met my wife Jaci.  We have been happily married for 11 years and have a 5-year-old son Jaxon and a 3-year-old daughter Madeline.  

It was March 6th, 2001 that I became aware of God’s pursuit of me and gave my life to the Lord.  The following 16+ years have proved to be a grand journey in which the Lord has continually shown lovingkindness and immense grace!

My family and I have been a part of Redemption church since shortly after it was planted roughly 3 years ago.  When I was asked to consider going through the eldership process, I was both excited and somewhat reserved.  It seemed evident God was guiding me in this direction, and I was excited about all that God is doing in our church.  I felt extremely honored with the prospect and privilege of being used by God to serve our church as an elder.  However, I was hesitant because I didn’t feel like ‘elder’ material.  Through prayer, reading a couple of books and the fellowship of brothers with whom I could ask questions and receive wisdom, those concerns faded quickly.  Throughout the process of consideration, God has reminded me how great He is and that to elder effectively and faithfully, I must be utterly dependent upon Him. 

Prayer Request

So I would ask you all to please pray that the Lord would make plain His calling, provide strength in my (and our family's) weakness, and confirm the same for every candidate going through this elder process.