Brian St. Clair

My wife, Alyssa and I have been a part of Redemption Spokane since the beginning, when it was a plant of Mars Hill.  We just celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary in August and God has blessed us with two children: Ruth (4) and Benjamin (1).  As a family we have been exceedingly blessed by this church family.  My desire is to humbly seek first His kingdom, and to serve this community of believers in whatever capacity I am called to, knowing that I am accountable for this time that I have been given.  It is for these reasons that I have said yes to officially enter into our formal elder candidacy process.  

Prayer Request

We would be blessed if as our church family, that you would pray for my family and me.  We live in a time when schedules are busy; there are so many distractions and always something vying for our attention and affections.  My desire is that the cares of this world will not get in the way of what God has called me to be as a husband, father and member of this church.  Please pray that we will be walking in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called (Ephesians 4:1).