Any person or couple who are members, members-in-process, or those who are not members of any church can receive care free of charge.  We do not offer gospel care if you are a member of another church; we believe you should ask ministry leaders in your own church community to journey with you.

What’s the “next step” to request care if I am in a Community Group?

1. First share with your Community Group (CG) leader.  We encourage you to invite other trusted group members to journey with you.  You will be surprised to learn that when you share your struggles, others will be able to comfort you in the same way in which they have been comforted by God and others.
2. If your CG leaders are not able to help, they are instructed, with your permission, to ask for help from those Community Group Coach who oversee them. At this point, a CG Coach may get directly involved in offering care or may guide the CG leader through the process of gospel care.
3. If additional help is needed, then the CG Coach will ask you to submit a Care Request Form, download and read the Informed Consent Form (being developed), then sign the last page of the form and bring it the first time you gather for care with a member of our Care Ministry team.
4. Once you have submitted your Care Request Form we will begin processing your request and will follow up with you as soon as possible. In the meantime we ask that you prayerfully consider identifying a person/couple from within your Redemption Spokane Community Group to journey with you as you receive care.

Why do I need to invite someone from my community to come with me?
As we have cared for people in community, God has shown us several beautiful benefits of such an approach:
1. There will be others who will journey alongside you to encourage and pray for you — not just when you gather for care but all throughout the week. As a result, you will develop a deeper understanding of God’s church and the beauty of community.
2. Those who come with you will experience God’s redeeming work in the lives of everyone gathered for care.
3. Everyone gathered for care will learn and grow in caring for one another with the gospel.
4. The duration of the “formal” gathering for care will be shortened as you and those you bring from community grow in seeing how Jesus offers help and hope for your situation. This is not to say that you will no longer struggle, but you will reach a point where you as a community will know how to continue the journey together.

What’s the “next step” to request care if I am NOT in a Community Group?
1. We will work with you to get you into a Community Group near your neighborhood.
2. Fill out the Care Request Form and download and read the Informed Consent Form (being developed) (if it is decided that receiving counseling is the best form of care for you, we ask that you bring in a signed copy of the Informed Consent Form (being developed) with you to your first session).
3. We will review your Care Request Form and connect you with a hand-selected Community Group where you will receive the immediate benefits of living life in gospel community.
4. Once you plug into the CG, you will be asked to connect with the assigned ministry leader to help you with your particular life struggle. You will also be encouraged to bring someone with you from your Community Group.

Can I speak to someone on Sunday after a service?
Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so!  Many times, we just need someone to listen to a pressing burden and pray with us.  We do provide an opportunity for prayer during our communion time; it is encouraged that you take advantage of this time to have someone pray for and over you.  If it is determined you still need to request counseling, then we ask you to take the “next steps” described above.