Jeremy Kalous

I have been married to my entirely wonderful and beautiful wife Rachel for 17 years.  We have been blessed with three sweet and loving girls.  Ava who is 13, Harper who is 10, and Claire who is 8. We moved to Spokane about a year and a half ago from the Seattle area.  We have been attending Redemption for a little over a year now.  The reason that I have decided to say yes to the eldership candidate process is because I love God and trust and know that He can use even someone like me for His glory. 

After prayer, conversation with Rachel, Miles, other elder candidates and a friend I've made the choice to enter the formal elder candidate process here at Redemption.  I'm encouraged and excited to see what God will do next!  I have seen our Lord move in truly amazing ways, particularly of late, and it is His love for me, and quite frankly His love for all of us, that helped me to make this choice and to move from a place of "I'm not sure. Can I do this?  Do I want to do this (selfish me shining through)." to "Here I am God, sign me up!"  Romans 8:28-29 has been on my heart of late and has helped me with this decision:

8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  29 For those whom he foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His son, so that He would be the firstborn among many brethren"

Prayer request

I humbly ask for your prayers for my family, our church, and for me as this process starts.  Please pray that I won't try to do this on my own, but that rather with this and all things that I will seek God first and ask that He give me what is needed so that His glory shines for all to see.  Pray for protection from the evil one for my family, our church and me.