Pastor Miles Rohde


(L-R) Pastor Miles, Faith, Evan, and Pam


Pastor Miles was born in a small Minnesota town (Caledonia) on May 14, 1972 to Michael and Bernice Rohde.  Because of his father’s service in the U. S. Army, he lived in OK, FL, HI, and ND by his 1st grade year.  Miles grew up in Houston, TX from third grade to his sophomore year in college.  Born and baptized in the Lutheran faith, he was later baptized in the Catholic faith at the age of 5; unconverted and with sporadic church attendance at best.

On December 15, 1988 (at the age of 16), Miles was invited by some “Christian” friends to a Christmas party where he ended up being the only non-born again person there.  Unknown to him, was the fact that this group had been praying for some time that he would come to faith.  One of the friends, whose home it was, took Miles to his living room and shared the hope that he had in the saving power of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit used this friend to make Miles aware of his sin and that he needed to trust in Christ alone for salvation.  So in the friend's front yard, Miles asked God to forgive him of his sins, and placed his hope and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

In June 1989, while attending his first youth camp, Miles sensed the call of God in his life to pastoral ministry--without knowing what a calling like this really meant.  

"That was until other adult leaders and pastors began to affirm what I knew to be true in my heart."

Miles spent the remaining years of high school being discipled by a few wonderful pastors at Houston Northwest Church.  After graduating from Cypress Creek High School (Houston, TX), Pastor Miles interned for his senior pastor and then went off to college where he tried his best to run away from the call of God on his life and for 3 years he was successful. 

Not doing well in college, he moved to Minnesota in 1993, where his family had relocated.  Shortly thereafter, Miles joined the United States Air Force (Jan. '94) and trained and became certified in one of the most grueling and specialized career fields in the military as a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Instructor/Specialist (SERE). In the providence of God, the Lord was using all of the challenges and trials of wandering to bring Miles back to himself and to firmly reestablish the call he had on his life.  

This is where Miles would meet his pastoral/life/marriage mentor, meet and marry Pam, and begin to pursue in obedience, God in pastoral ministry.  After 7+ years as a USAF SERE Specialist and a year as a government contractor in peacetime/governmental detention and hostage training, he entered into full-time pastoral ministry in Spokane. 

In 2002 the Lord moved Miles, Pam, and little Evan (2yrs) to Minnesota where he would begin an 11-year pastoral journey that would include heartbreak, struggle, weakness, blessing, healing, and renewed passion for the gospel ministry to which he had been called.  It was over the course of that time where Miles received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies (Moody Bible Institute) and an Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary).

Ultimately, the Lord called the Rohde family to Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA to take part in the Lead Pastor Residency Program with the hope of planting Mars Hill Spokane.  After a season of challenges and blessings, on December 31, 2014, Mars Hill Church dissolved, and by God’s grace, Redemption Spokane launched on January 4, 2015.  

Pastor Miles and Pam have been married over 21 years and have two wonderful children: Evan (18), a freshman at the University of Washington (Seattle), and Faith (12) who is in the seventh grade.