Our Post Fall CG

Our Post Fall CG

At Redemption Spokane, we are much more than just a Sunday service, we are a community of believers. We are a people, living life together and intentionally investing in each other's lives.  Every Sunday the church gathers, but throughout the week, we scatter throughout our region in community groups (CG).  Currently, we have CGs spread throughout the Inland Northwest (e.g., South Hill, Northside, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and even Post Falls, ID).  

We call these groups, Community Groups because we were made for community as image-bearers of God. We believe this because of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity; that God is one God who exists eternally as three persons in eternal and perfect community.  In the Bible, the community that is expressed within the context of the church is spoken of as a body.  This imagery points to the reality that all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, are one in the Body of Christ.  The local church (and our smaller CGs) is an expression of the universal body--the Church.

This view is very different from the way most people (even Christians) view and engaged in the church, which is generally an event you attend on Sundays to be checked off the calendar, and the rest of the week is disengaged. At Redemption Spokane, we believe that Sundays are vitally important as it is the Lord's Day when the church gathers in one faith, one spirit, and under one Lord.  But our "body life" does not exist in the isolation of one day in any given week--it is all of life; everyday!  

Our Community Groups ministry is an effort to provide for total "body life" as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are more than just a Bible study, a prayer or accountability group; they are more than a support group or a social gathering—though they include all those elements.  

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If you’re looking to get more connected to Redemption Spokane, Community Groups are the way to do just that!  To find a Community Group, please fill out this Connect Form and one of our Community Group leaders will contact you ASAP.  Welcome to Redemption!

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